Paraquat Lawsuit

Exposure to Paraquat Herbicides May Increase The Risk of Parkinson’s Disease.
Farm workers, herbicide applicators and other individuals with Parkinson’s Disease caused by Paraquat Exposure may be entitled to settlement benefits and financial compensation

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The product liability lawyers are reviewing potential class action lawsuits and individual injury claims against the manufacturers of Gramoxone and other paraquat weed and grass killers, for failing to warn about the risk of Parkinson’s disease associated with the toxic herbicide.

Although manufacturers have known about the link between paraquat and Parkinson’s disease, as well as other serious health risks, the herbicide has been distributed and sold without adequate warnings, even for “certified applicators.”

The costs and impact of a paraquat Parkinson’s disease diagnosis can have a devastating impact on families and individuals left with the progressive and debilitating disease. Paraquat settlement benefits may be available through a lawsuit.

Paraquat Side Effects

Parquat is known to be a toxic weed and grass killer, which is lethal at very low doses. As a result, regulators in the United States have registered Paraquate as an RUP (Restricted Use Pesticide), which can only be purchased or used by certified “licensed applicators”.

While the required training provides information about paraquat toxicity, including the risks associated with misuse, this does not replace the manufacturer’s obligation to provide adequate warnings about the Parkinson’s disease side effects that can result even with the proper use of paraquat.

As a result of the decision to place the desire for profits before the health and safety of Americans, financial compensation and benefits may be available through a Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease Lawsuit

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