Whether you’re dealing with a minor fender bender or a major moving traffic violation, access to legal help is important. We can give you access to a provider lawyer who can provide defense for a moving traffic violation, advise you on the most effective strategies for resolving the matter, and advocate for you before the court.

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Whether it’s an issue related to an auto accident, your driver’s license, motor vehicle record, or moving traffic violations, an experienced traffic lawyer can provide invaluable legal protection.

While traffic laws can vary by state, moving traffic violations that can impact your motor vehicle record can include speeding, failure to yield, and stop sign violations. More serious traffic violations that can even carry the possibility of jail time include hit-and-run and reckless driving. Non-moving violations generally include parking tickets and defective equipment on your vehicle.

Before you ever just pay a ticket or seek to represent yourself, you have the right to seek advice and assistance from an lawyer. If you are a LegalShield member, you should contact your provider law firm and provide them a copy of the ticket as soon as possible to preserve your rights and receive the necessary counsel.

Our Process

During consultation, we gather information about the client's situation and advise them on the legal options available to them. The agency would also provide an estimate of the costs associated with their services.

If the client decides to via our agency, our experts would begin the process of representing them. This could involve drafting legal documents, appearing in court on behalf of the client, or negotiating with other parties involved in the case. Our Expert would keep the client informed throughout the process and provide regular updates on the progress of their case.

This could involve winning a case in court, negotiating a settlement with other parties involved, or finding some other form of resolution. Once the matter has been resolved, our agency or our experts provide the client with any necessary documentation and ensure that the case is closed properly.