Get in touch with law firms. Get the settlement you deserve.

We fight for those affected by Hurricane/Storm Damage.

Your pain is worth something. But how much? How do you measure pain in dollars?

Get in touch with law firms. Get the settlement you deserve.

Get your case value and take the first step to getting a settlement for your accident.

Fighting your traffic ticket has never been this easy.

Exposure to RoundUp® has been linked to many types of Lymphoma.

Over $184 Million in Settlements as of July, 2019.

Zantac® has been recalled and linked to causing Cancer in thousands of people

Exposure to Talcum Powder has been linked to Ovarian Cancer

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

AxLawSuit is a Lawyer Referral Service that providers consumers with referrals to qualified lawyers who can help them with their legal issue. AxLawSuit staff cannot give legal advice, but can provide referrals in more than 100 areas of law. The lawyers on our panel are referred on a rotational basis by area of legal expertise and by geographical location.

AxLawSuit can help anyone who needs to hire an attorney but does not know where to find one, or who may not know which type of attorney best meets their needs. AxLawSuit is not a service for those who can not afford an attorney. You may find information on organizations that can provide those resources here.

Our attorneys are well versed in many areas of law. The majority of referrals requested are in the areas of Mass Torts, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Worker’s Compensation and many, many more.

No. AxLawSuit does not provide referrals to pro bono attorneys or low-cost legal services. Referrals are not provided for small claims cases because plaintiffs and defendants represent themselves in small claims. Call the local district court for information on filing claims.

There are no attorneys on-site, and AxLawSuit staff are not licensed attorneys and cannot give legal advice. When you call or submit a form to AxLawSuit, you will be given the name and number of a qualified attorney to call for assistance with your legal issue.

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